The Three Best Gay Establishments In New York

Despite the fact that San Francisco is considered a gay Mecca of the United States, after the adoption of the law on the legalization of gay marriages in New York, it was New York that became the most desired and popular destination for gay tourism or a bit of gay spanking. In New York several areas are known for the compact living of sex minorities within their borders and it is natural that each of these quarters offers a lot of places for LGBT recreation.

Since a considerable number of tourists are most often interested in gay hotels, gay bars, and gay clubs in New York, let’s agree to choose the three best gay establishments in New York.

Stownwall Inn – Gay bar & National Historic Landmark

The most important place in the city, where representatives of the LGBT flock, is, of course, Christopher street, located in the West Village. It is here that the Stownwall Inn, the legend of the LGBT movement, is located, where the sex minorities are “saturated” with police arbitrariness and started the struggle for human rights observance against the LGBT. Opposite the bar is Christopher Park, with sculptures of two gays and two lesbians.

East Side Club – Sauna and Adult Entertainment

East Side Club is perhaps new york’s best premier and social relaxation club for gays and bisexual men. The club has exclusive lounges as well as several rooms for steam bath sauna, where you can check your emails or chat online. Also offers a two tiered viewing area to relax and engage with other like-minded persons. You can also relax here and enjoy watching some free gay spanking videos.

Chelsea Pines Inn – Gay Friendly Hotel

Of all the hotels that gladly host the gays, this is the most friendly and comfortable place in New York. The Chelsea Pines Inn is located in Chelsea in a five-story brick townhouse. Each room of the hotel as well as its common areas are decorated with posters and portraits of famous world movie stars, gay icons of past and present.